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The purpose and practice of church tithing cannot be separated.

Our Story


The Foundation

Tithing has been a part of Christianity since the time of Abraham.  We all know what tithing is, but people often misunderstand WHY tithing began and why it is important.

Our course will help you understand the foundation of tithing and why it is a critical to tithing today.


The History

Why did tithing have such a historic rise in ancient times?  Why did tithing have such a dramatic drop off in modern times, especially in the last 2 to 3 decades?

We will teach you the history of tithing and how you can learn from it when developing your tithing program.

The Principles

There are five key principles to tithing.  In our course, you will learn why each of these principles must be adopted and how they contribute to a thriving tithing program in your congregation.


The Program

Our program is unique it its approach.  We are going to show you not just techniques or procedures.  We are going to show you how to instill a culture of passionate giving throughout your congregation.